At Pathways Skills Academy we are proud of the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours taught within our Construction and Engineering Curriculum.

Throughout each programme, we aim to enable learners to develop key skills within the industry so they can then progress to either further learning, work or an apprenticeship.

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Car Maintenance

We work closely with employers and industry specialists to make sure we deliver up to date programmes of learning that meet the requirements of new and emerging ideas and technology.

Our staff CPD programme ensures the team have the knowledge and skills to deliver to up to date standards. We also work closely with awarding organisations, through our quality management system, to demonstrate that our qualifications are current and reliable.

We want learners to know that when they leave PSA, that they have the right tools to take their next step on their career journey.

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Our holistic approach

Our holistic approach to each learner, also means that we can work with them to upskill on their employability and organsational skills. We work with learners to understand themselves in the context of work and life beyond school, so they are upskilled as employees, reliable colleagues and as part of a skilled workforce. Our emphasis is also on the success achieved through teamwork, taking responsibility and integrity.

We promote equality and inclusion as a lifestyle choice. Our person-centred approach demonstrates that an inclusive environment enables everyone to utilise their abilities to contribute to the team goal. We also effectively challenge language and behaviours that do not align with British values and encourage reflection and empathy as part of that process.

We want our learners to develop critical thinking skills, build their emotional intelligence and know how healthy relationships work. These key communication skills are key to upskilling learners for the future, regardless of their intended career.

Our standard operating procedure is to reflect on what we have done and how we could do it better next time so that we continuously improve. We aim to develop this thinking within our learners and reflection is a key part of the learning process for them.