Psa Food Bank Donation 2Pathways Skills Academy has supported FIND with food and money donations to help those deprived of the minimum standard of living in the local community. We thank those who regularly visit our training centre and have donated goods and money to FIND food bank charity.

Kate Rupp, Lead of Pathways Skills Academy visited FIND premises with donations, and was provided with a tour by Volunteer Bev Roddie, “It was a pleasure to see the incredible setup and processes of this charity, and the kindness of people in the community who volunteer, to ensure those in desperate need are cared for.”

Pathways Skills Academy are thrilled to be part of this mission, and continue to support with donations at their centre, if you are visiting us and would like to support, please add any of your donations to the yellow bin in the reception area.


Visit the FIND website to check items you can donate!