Level 2 Waterproof Membranes Apprenticeship (Standard)

This course is designed for learners age 16+ that want to pursue a career as a flat roofer. This course covers an 18-month period.

We are especially keen to have school leavers and those between 16-18. The course is open to any age group.

Candidates will attend day release off the job training at our training centre once a week. The remainder of the time is spent with the employer on site, gaining experience necessary for the end point assessment (EPAO).

A Waterproof Membranes Installer works on a building site, or in domestic or commercial premises, installing waterproofing systems and related products, to both new and existing buildings. Waterproofing roofers apply protective membranes to flat roof structures to ensure they are watertight

Level 2 Waterproof Membranes Apprenticeship (Standard)

Learning Aims

  • Carry out a range of job tasks including measuring, marking out, fitting, finishing, positioning, and securing.
  • Clean, dry and prepare surfaces for specified system.
  • Install vapour control layers to prevent vapour coming through the building to protect insulation.
  • Install mechanically fixed and/or adhered insulation as required by the given specification.
  • Install reinforced bitumen, single-ply and liquid applied waterproofing systems.
  • Terminate waterproofing systems at the perimeter upstands and/or open edges to the given specification.
  • Maintain and repair flat and/or pitched roofs (in excess of 10 degrees).
  • Install perimeter details (edge trims, counter flashings termination bars).
  • Work around outlets, pipes, soil and vent fittings, safety systems and roof lights.

On completion of this apprenticeship, waterproof membranes installers will have knowledge of:

The principles of membrane waterproofing systems and how they are applied in routine tasks, such as, preparing surfaces, installing insulation, installing background materials, installing main roof coverings to include bitumen membranes, single ply and liquid applied systems, fixings, fittings and components, roof windows and lights.

How to requisition membrane waterproofing materials, such as bitumen membranes, single-ply, liquid applied systems and related materials, fittings, and components.

The differences between and the characteristics of warm, cold and inverted (waterproofing layer as the base) roofs.