On entering the office there is a lovely welcome from staff and Monty. Relaxed atmosphere for learning. Easy-going for students who may be a little worried or anxious. It brings out their characters if they are a little shy when it comes to asking questions. Developing a positive and assertive way of thinking. There are many opportunities available where perhaps they are not at school.

Coming to PSA is hands-on and practical, it gives you more skills than school. These skills will stay with you forever and are really useful. The tutor helps me by making me understand the concept and skills of construction. PSA makes me feel safe by making sure we go by the rules.

Dom is amazing, he is really patient and understands the kids. A great and friendly team, very well organised and accommodating, with an exceptional learning environment, which is inclusive to all. Open many opportunities and an insight to many different trades and careers.

The staff in reception at PSA are very friendly and welcoming. The facilities include an area for making hot and cold drinks and a break-time area with a pool table and table-tennis.

The instructors are clear and pick their classroom based and practical learning to the needs of their students. The students have the opportunity to learn skills in an adult setting which are not available in school.

Learning in small groups ensures individual support when needed. Staff and instructors communicate well with supporting sta