Introduction to Working in a Hair and Beauty Salon (NOCN ENTRY LEVEL 3)

Introduction to Working in a Hair and Beauty Salon (NOCN ENTRY LEVEL 3)



Hairdresser,with,the,hair,dryer,in,hands,teaching,students,howCourse duration:  

2/3 terms –  £60pp per session

Sessions times:

09:30am – 11:30am | 12:30pm – 2:30pm


This course is aimed at year 9,10,11.



The maximum number of pupils per group is 6. The NOCN Entry Level Award in Introduction to Working in a Hair and Beauty salon (Entry 3) is designed to provide an introduction to the Hair and Beauty industry.

Learners will gain knowledge on how to prepare for a career in hair and beauty with hands-on experience of basic styling hair and basic manicure treatments. They will gain an understanding about the different career opportunities in the hair and beauty industry, the importance of health and safety, environmental issues and develop communication skills to prepare for interviews and work.

Scope of training:

Know about the hair and beauty sector:

·         Identify types of organisations in the hair and beauty sector.

·         Define entry level job roles and career progression.

·         Skills, experience and qualities an employer deems necessary for the role.

·         Create an action plan that will support progression into employment, ensuring use of SMART goals.


Employability skills:

·         Understand Health and Safety procedures at work.

·         To identify key safety signs and maintain own safety.

·         To carry out work tasks including reception and basic hair styling.

·         Importance of working with other team members.

·         Different ways of communication in work.

Carry out Basic Manicure Treatment:

·         Identifying a range of nail shapes.

·         Understanding nail structures.

·         Carrying out basic manicure with a range of products and techniques.

Communication in Hair and Beauty:

·         Communication skills, verbal, non-verbal and written.

·         How to develop communication skills needed for the hair and beauty industry

·         Carry out work activities including eg, booking appointments, recommending products and taking messages.


Preparation for Further Leaning or Employment:

·         To develop and recognise personal qualities.

·         Develop strengths and understand transferable skills.

·         Identify prior learning and experience.

·         Develop skills including productivity, time management and teamwork.


Preparing for an interview:

·         Finding out information about the job

·         Finding information about training courses

·         Different types of job roles

·         Applying for positions

·         Preparing questions and answers for interview.